Declan // a birth story

After a long struggle with infertility, this amazing couple finally became pregnant. When she found me and asked me to be a part of their monumental day, I was so honoured.

Here is the birth story of their handsome boy Declan. // July 19, 2015DeclanBirthCollage_1DeclanBirth_blog2DeclanBirthCollage_2DeclanBirthCollage_5DeclanBirthCollage_3DeclanBirthCollage_4DeclanBirthCollage_7DeclanBirth_blog3DeclanBirth_blog6DeclanBirth_blog4DeclanBirth_blog11DeclanBirth_blog10DeclanBirthCollage_16DeclanBlog3Declan birth_facebook-1-5DeclanBirth-126DeclanBlogCollageDeclanBlog4DeclanBirth_blog13DeclanBirth_13

Oh, precious boy! What a truly miraculous day to be a part of!

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