798343_10152654868000727_1306577706_oHi there! I’m Jami! I’m married to my best friend and photographer hubby, Ted. We married young in 2007, traveled the world a bit, came back and have since had 4 beautiful babies; Chase, Eisley, Shailo and Everly. (click here to read more about my family on my personal blog, if you’re interested!)

1913333_10152599797331989_5422765751436873866_oI now mostly mother: Raising up two little studs and a sweet little lady!

I love to capture moments in our daily lives. I love to capture the beauty of birth as well! It is a story that should be documented. Moments that we as woman re-live so often, yet have very little imagery to rely on when we need to.

I am passionate about birth. I wasn’t able to have my children the way I had dreamt, but I now see birth as beautiful no matter how it happens; home birth, hospital birth, Cesarean….

A few years ago, I realized how much I appreciated my husband capturing our birth stories over the years – even though 3 of the 4 were cesareans, they were still a part of our story, my babies stories. In that moment I decided that I wanted to document other momma’s birth stories for them and their loved ones as well. Whatever that may look like!

Let me capture the birth of your baby for you! Let’s grab a cup of tea and chat about what you’d want! Email me at Colourherhope@gmail.com to set up a time to meet.


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