If you’re interested in birth photography with Colour Her Hope Photography but you’re not quite sure it’s for you, this post might prove helpful! I’ve tried to address the questions I hear most frequently, but if there’s something you’re wondering about that’s not addressed here, please feel free to let me know – either in the comments section here, or by email. I always look forward to hearing from you!

Why hire a birth photographer? 
Besides your wedding day, the birth of your child is one of the most important days of your life. Hiring a birth photographer frees up your partner or other support persons and ensures you get those memorable moments images captured (with your partner in them – which cannot happen if he is behind the lens.) Without a birth photographer, you may be left with just a few snapshot of the baby after delivery. I will help you to capture the amazing labor process and the incredible birth miracle.

Will we meet before I go into labor?

Yes! I meet all of my clients for an in-person consultation. At this consultation, we start to get to know one another a little. I’ll bring samples of my work for you to go over, and it’s an opportunity for you to ask me any questions or voice any concerns you may still have. We’ll go over your birth plan and  any questions you might have for me and likewise.

What is it like to have a photographer there?

I try to be present, but not intrusive. I’m not usually an active participant in the birth – while I do hope to contribute to the caring, supportive energy surrounding the laboring family, and I will step in and offer to help if needed (I will of course fill your water bottles, microwave your heat pads, and fetch the midwives/nurse.  It’s not my role to be a stated presence. Instead, I’m there to document what unfolds, as it unfolds, in as unobtrusive as a way as possible.

Because I don’t want to disturb you – or your support team! – I rely on ambient light for births in almost every case (that is, I prefer not to use a flash).

Also, if you ever do feel like it’s too much, it’s ok for you to ask me to stop, take a break, give you some space, etc. In my experience, however, I’m not usually on mom’s radar – she’s focused on other things!

What do you take pictures of?

At our consultation, one of the questions I ask is if there’s anything that’s particularly off-limits for you. Some women want pictures of the baby coming out, others do not. Your comfort is my top priority, so I will photograph as much or as little as you desire. I’ll also ask if there’s anything you particularly want photographed (though I can’t guarantee any particular image, I will absolutely try, and it helps to know if there’s anything you have your heart set on!). In general, though, my philosophy is that you can always delete later – but you can never recreate. Unless it’s something you’ve specifically ruled out in advance, I will document what unfolds as it unfolds, and – as I said – you can always delete later.

What happens if I have a short labor, if we have to transfer locations, or if I need a c-section?

I will document what happens, as it happens. (If I need to follow you to another location, I will!) Trust me when I say that the birth story is not diminished by any of these events, and often times, families who have experienced these circumstances have told me afterwards they’re all the more glad they have the photographs, since their own recollections of what happened are hazy.

How many images will I receive? 
On average you will receive about 25-50 images, but this varies due to the uniqueness of each birth experience. Most of the images will be in black and white and a few in color.

What if you don’t end up making it to my birth?
I would only take 2-3 (max) births a month to allow me to have the greatest chance of attending each birth. If I miss your birth due to my error (ie: due to illness, attending another birth, unforeseen emergency), you will receive a refund minus $50 (just to cover my expenses for the interview or prenatal meeting). If I miss your birth because it was too fast or you did not call me in time, there is no refund and you will receive a Fresh 48 session instead.

Will photographs from my birth be posted on your website?
Yes, I do post images from the births on my website. However, you will be able to view your images before any of them are shared and let me know if there are any that you deem unsuitable for me to share.

How long will it take to receive the images?
You may expect your images in approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on my schedule.

What if I don’t want the actual labor and birth documented, but I do want pictures of those special first hours?
Introducing Fresh 48! 1-2 hour lifestyle session at your birth location (hospital, home or birth center) within 48 hours after the birth.

What parts of Colorado do you serve?
My listed package prices are good within 60 miles of Colorado Springs, Colorado. However, I am available to photograph births up to two hours away (could make exceptions). A .55/mile fee (past 60 miles away from Castle Rock) will be added.

Do I need to get the hospital/birth center’s approval?

strongly encourage clients to let everyone in their birth team – including their midwife/doctor/nurses – know that you plan on having a photographer, and talk over any questions or concerns they may have. (They are also welcome to contact me, of course.) The last thing I want to do is surprise someone by taking their picture!

Do you offer discounts or take payments?

I can design payment plans with clients as needed. In general, the full balance is due by the beginning of the on-call period, but payments can be made in installments up to that point.

Any other questions?

Email me at colourherhope@gmail.com

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