Declan // a birth story

After a long struggle with infertility, this amazing couple finally became pregnant. When she found me and asked me to be a part of their monumental day, I was so honoured.

Here is the birth story of their handsome boy Declan. // July 19, 2015DeclanBirthCollage_1DeclanBirth_blog2DeclanBirthCollage_2DeclanBirthCollage_5DeclanBirthCollage_3DeclanBirthCollage_4DeclanBirthCollage_7DeclanBirth_blog3DeclanBirth_blog6DeclanBirth_blog4DeclanBirth_blog11DeclanBirth_blog10DeclanBirthCollage_16DeclanBlog3Declan birth_facebook-1-5DeclanBirth-126DeclanBlogCollageDeclanBlog4DeclanBirth_blog13DeclanBirth_13

Oh, precious boy! What a truly miraculous day to be a part of!


The (post) birth story of Poesy Rhodes // June 28, 2014

Little Miss Poesy made her entrance into this world rather quickly. In fact, so quick that I wasn’t able to arrive in time for her debut! So we instead documented her brother’s first time meeting her and a few sweet moments afterwards. Below is a piece of her birth day story. PoesyBirth_1PoesyBirth_3PoesyBirth_8PoesyBirth_9PoesyBirth_10PoesyBirth_11PoesyBirth_12PoesyBirth_CollagePoesyBirth_Collage2PoesyBirth_4PoesyBirth_5Welcome to the world, Little Poe!


The birth story of Lilyana Elaine // September 15, 2012

Almost 3 years ago this fall, I had the honour of documenting the birth of Lilyana Elaine! Here is the story of her birthday!Lily_1LilyBirth_Collage1Lily_2 Lily_3 Lily_4 Lily_5 Lily_6 Lily_7 Lily_9Lily_Collage3 Lily_10Lily_Collage4Lily_Collage5Lily_11Lily_13LilyBirth_Collage3Lily_14Lily_16LilyBirth_Collage4Lily_Collage7Finals-157A day I will truly never forget. How beautiful the birth of Sweet Lily!